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Do you know ?  »  Innovation is now among the top 3 agenda in the board rooms of Fortune 500 companies and Gen-Next organizations  »  Recent IBM Global CEO study identifies ‘Creativity’ as the single most important leadership competency for seeking path in increased complexity »  Innovation is now the only practical source of competitive advantage »  Institutionalizing the culture of innovation is seen essential but an uphill task »  Innovation training at leading MNCs showed ROI $20 against an investment of $1  »  82% of all Sales people fail to differentiate themselves or their products from their competitors  »  86% of all Sales people ask the wrong questions and miss sales opportunities »  62% of all Sales people fail to earn the right to ask for commitment »  82% of Sales people discount price to earn a sale »  Numerous studies show that only 25% of sales representatives produce almost 90% of all sales
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