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Sales & Marketing Corporate Training Organisational Development Coaching & Mentoring
Do you know ?  »  Innovation is now among the top 3 agenda in the board rooms of Fortune 500 companies and Gen-Next organizations  »  Recent IBM Global CEO study identifies ‘Creativity’ as the single most important leadership competency for seeking path in increased complexity »  Innovation is now the only practical source of competitive advantage »  Institutionalizing the culture of innovation is seen essential but an uphill task »  Innovation training at leading MNCs showed ROI $20 against an investment of $1  »  82% of all Sales people fail to differentiate themselves or their products from their competitors  »  86% of all Sales people ask the wrong questions and miss sales opportunities »  62% of all Sales people fail to earn the right to ask for commitment »  82% of Sales people discount price to earn a sale »  Numerous studies show that only 25% of sales representatives produce almost 90% of all sales
    Why Quantum Leap ?

We are passionate about delivering value. Here are 7 key reasons why we are able to ensure sustainable results

All round working experience

Over two decades experience with industry verticals like engg, pharma, oil, gas, power, chemical, steel, dairy with various departments e.g. planning, production, sales, quality, projects etc.

Rich experience with Multinational Companies

This enables to innovate and benchmark the best practices and strategies to create the “Generation-next-organisations”.

Management Knowledge

Right qualification and knowledge on modern management principles to align with the vision, mission, values and roadmap of the client organisation.

Engineering Background

Engg. qualification and on-hand exposure with varied engineering disciplines gives an edge in providing technical, process and systems solutions.

Training, Coaching and Mentoring

Our interventions are designed to enable skill and competency building creating “individual action plan” – for small to medium to top ranked organization. We do this from grass-root to top executive cadre.

Wide range of Training Programs

Workshops in sales, professional skills, technology and management insights help in leadership development and organisation transformation. Conducted 400+ Workshops on various innovation themes, sales & marketing, business strategy, soft skills, behavioural, technical, MDP etc. Trained 18,000 professionals, workers, students, teachers, parents, government staff, postman, policeman, truck drivers etc.

Spiritual Dimension

Unleashing the SQ by going beyond IQ and EQ develops a healthy attitude. This results in creating a holistic culture in an organisation.

   Our Approach

» Addressing ground realities and acknowledging human sentiments

» Relevant case studies, matrix and quiz to address identified needs
» SWOT Analysis and Individual Action plan for effective    implementation
» Training need assessment and tailor-made training designing
» Style of program – Introspective, participative and interactive
» Exercises, quiz, games, case studies, role-plays,
    team presentation, GD

» Program design - based on real life experiences and
   new global trends

       For more information Call on +91 94289 74333 or Email at info@quantum-leap.net.in
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